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A tree connecting walk/shop programme in South Birmingham. Self-established, the programme has run for two years now, seeing collaborations with poets and artists along the way.

During walks we would come together sharing what we notice, what we appreciate, and how we know trees together, learning as we go.
We would read tree text/poems out loud together, consult the tree celtic calender, learn aspects of tree biology, discuss how best to live with and care for them.

More recently collaborating with local creatives who also love Cotteridge Park and its many trees, to host walkshops: including Bradley Taylor and Isabel Gallerymore to explore poetry and sounds in relation to trees. 

I also shared some my own creative/research practice, 'Time with Trees' looking first at the age old practice of meeting under trees and  then, thinking about multi-sensory ways of tuning into trees that helps us better connect to, learn from, and advocate for them, with a focus on appreciating (through a slowing down) on the many rich/dynamic ways in which trees move.

Tree Walks Cotteridge

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