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Sensing a Place: Life in Haringey Today & Yesterday

Working with Haringey Museum and Archive Service, Bruce Castle Museum, to design and deliver a co-produced project around connecting people to their place and the museum for wellbeing and connection.

As part of this we hosted a series of multisensory workshops for people living with dementia and their carers. Sessions included a sensory tree walks on the grounds of the park, interactive talks on high street shopping, and talks from community activists and Artists. At each  we served Tottenham Cake, a local speciality, reading together about it's history.

Following workshops and phone and post based engagement, an exhibition 'Sensing a Place' was hosted to exhibit sensory memories of place, alongside formal and informal aural histories we had recorded as part of the project.

The shape and delivery of this project was all developed in conversation with carers groups as part of a co-production process.

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