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A project for people living with a for of dementia and carers, living in the vicinity of Finsbury Park to creatively re-connect to the social and environmental heritage of Finsbury Park.

We hosted online interactive, intimate workshops with people joining from care homes, on the phone, and with carers.

Each session was co-hosted with a creative organisation based in and around the park - as a means to bring the park to people, and platform all the many offers in its surrounds. This included Haringey Archive and Museum Service, Islington People, and London Street Tree expert Paul Wood.

Packs were sent out in the post prior to workshops to support and enhance engagement. This included a bespoke workbook with interactive, multisensory activities along with all the materials needed to complete. Watercolour paints, disposable cameras, colouring pencils.

All activities offered creative means for engaging with the park's heritage, and to bring a cosy workshop energy and support moments of togetherness, whilst apart. Teabags, biscuits, and nasturtiums to pot (along with compost) to grow alongside our sessions, as we got to know one another.  

The final session saw everyone share a passion or skill they had in relation to green space, inspired by the fact that Finsbury Park once had a speakers corner.

The project took place at the very start of the outspread of Coronavirus in the UK. Many participants (16 in total) had not used the internet before and ongoing care and support for all those involved was core to the project.

Report available here.

Safe Space Finsbury Park

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