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Our Terms

Commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company to co-design a tool that would support the organisation to work in extended, mutually reciprocal ways with local groups and organisations in Stratford Upon Avon as part of a Creative Placemaking process.

Working with Artist Eleanor Shipman, we hosted creative, research-informed co-design sessions (in person and online) to find out needs, wants and work together to make a beneficially, actionable tool.

The result was a set of 'cards of values', each of which contained a core value and way of working for a particular group - this being a means for groups to tell the RSC and one another of their needs and expectations, and a way see that the tone (the language) of the process was set by everyone.

Instructions were issued as to how RSC were to use and action the cards, and intergrate these values into their ways of working.

Alongside the cards, which were issued to all participants to the process, everyone received a 'cup of values' along with vouchers for free drinks (to be used as part of networking meetings) at community-orientated, cafes in the town, with this being a core tool of community development.

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