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High Street Explorations: Keynsham & Bedworth

A collaborative project working with Artist Eleanor Shipman, High Street Explorations took place in Keynsham and Bedford. Commissioned by Historic England, the project looked to prompt a creative re-discovery and questioning of respective High Streets prior to regeneration processes, with a view to engage more people.


Questions were asked around who high streets are designed for, what memories and histories they hold, and how they can better serve all of us going forward.

High Street Exploration cards were produced, through conversation with local partners and people, each with a different prompt for noticing: smells, sounds, memories, public art, accessibility and more.

Along with asset maps of each area, co-produced with community groups, these cards were gifted to local people and organisations. Alongside local artists producers and community groups were commissioned and supported to run creative events using these cards as stimulus. This included a mindful photography walk in Keynsham, with Adrian Wyatt, and a urban sketching event with Talia Giles in Bedford.

The cards have continued to have a life span beyond the project, prompting discovery in these two towns and further afield.

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