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Care for Hazel

Commissioned by Place Prospectors to support a community tree planting effort, as part of community-led urban realm improvements to a small neglected shopping parade. 
The aim of the project was to support the planting efforts, but more importantly support the after care of the hazel tree.
With a high mortality amongst newly planted street trees, the project developed to support and enable community care for the tree - with both the tree in mind, and in a want to support connections to grow between residents and the trees of the area.
Posters telling of the many qualities of hazel trees, as well as their identifiable features, were produced and attached to the trees and made as colouring in sheets for children in the lead up to the tree planting event.
On the day of the planting, a playful Hazel Tree raffle stall was made - with a selection of the trees offerings available, to include handmade hazel wood walking sticks and a wattle, hazelnut spread, and offerings that represented the many symbolic offerings and myths surrounding the trees.
Invitations to give care were given to all people who entered the raffle (including a lino print of the tree), and for the winners and community watering cans were installed at local places to support the care-taking.

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